Light Vehicle Courses

Defensive Driving Course

  • full day
  • maximum 14 people
  • theory and practical
  • conducted at Mount Cotton Driver Training Complex (terms and conditions apply for hiring of this facility).
  • cost: from $310 per person (participants to supply own vehicle)
  • morning tea and lunch supplied

Theory: behaviour and attitude; vision skills; blind spots; factors affecting cornering; system of vehicle control; driving conditions; tyres; distractions; risk management; hazard identification; fatigue;residual alcohol; safety features of modern vehicles; road rules.

Practical: Seating and posture; basic vehicle maintenance check; stopping and following distance demonstrations; ABS exercises in dry and wet conditions; vehicle dynamics exercise; slow speed manoeuvring.

Advanced Driving Skills for Courier Drivers

Advanced Driving Skills for Courier Drivers

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When your couriers are on the road, nothing is more important than their safety.

Driver training in a safe learning environment gives your people the chance to improve their skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Would you like to:

+ reduce driver incidents?

+ improve the safety of your employees?

+ enhance the efficiency of your business?

+ save money on your repair and insurance costs?

At Advanced Defensive & 4WD Centre Australia, our courses cater to the needs of courier drivers and the businesses that employ them. We offer driving courses for light vehicles ranging from pre-employment driving evaluations and road- rule refresher courses, to full-day defensive driver courses.

What is covered? 

We can help you with all of the following:

  • Defensive driving
  • Road rules revision
  • Hazard perception
  • Pre-employment driving evaluations

Who is this for? 

  • Courier companies
  • Delivery companies
  • Pathology labs
  • And anyone else who has to deal with the stress of traffic and difficult conditions while making deliveries

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Road Rules Revision

  • 3 hours
  • theory only
  • conducted at client premises (classrooms can be hired at additional cost)
  • includes Hazard Perception Test (see below)
  • road rules questionnaire (which is marked by participants as a learning tool to help them understand the correct answers)
  • cost: $210

Theory: driving conditions; tyres; distractions; risk management; hazard identification; fatigue; residual alcohol; safety features of modern vehicles; and road rules, including:

  • intersections
  • road markings / lane dividing lines / painted islands
  • traffic driving and merging
  • stopping and following distances – time and space to react

Hazard Perception Test

In this course, we discuss driving scenarios followed by an interactive PowerPoint presentation containing questions for the participants to answer. The participants mark their own answer sheets with guidance from the instructor.

Pre-employment Driving Evaluation

  • 1 hour & 15 mins
  • theory and practical
  • conducted at client premises or at an agreed location
  • own vehicle unless otherwise pre-arranged at additional cost
  • cost: $87.50

Theory: 30 general knowledge questions including signs, signals, markings, indicating; and 10 ‘give way’ questions

Practical: pre-drive check of vehicle, moving off, turns, hill starts, road-sharing, various intersections including roundabouts, reversing and basic manoeuvres including u-turns and three-point turns.

Trailer Towing Course

  • 4 hours
  • theory and practical
  • conducted at company premises to address parking and towing issues specific to the location. An alternative site can be arranged at additional cost.
  • cost: $280

Theory: towing regulations, braking requirement regulations, projection regulations, load restraint regulations, safety checklist, trailer components, driving with a trailer, reversing with a trailer, and manual lifting.

Practical: trailer components, safety attachments, coupling and un-coupling trailer to towing vehicle, load restraint, manoeuvring vehicle and trailer combination, reversing vehicle and trailer combination (including straight lines, around corners and into driveways and parking bays).